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Specialized physiotherapy in Cádiz

At Fisio Salud you will find the best professionals in physiotherapy and traumatology to remedy any injury or pain that may have arisen after an accident or unexpectedly. We have extensive specialization in this health field and, in addition, we have a deep professional career performing this type of service. If you want to have the best staff to improve your health, do not hesitate to contact us.

How we work?

We find the problem

The first step for rehabilitation is to find the problem, and we are experts in it. Tell us what's wrong and we'll get to work.

The patient in the center

The patient is the most important thing to us. We adapt to your circumstances and requirements for the treatments we perform.

We propose solutions

At all times we keep the patient informed of the recovery options that we can undertake so that they can choose.

Our specialization

At Fisio Salud you will find the physiotherapy professional you need to be able to reverse an injury or any muscular problem. We are experts in the field in which we work and we are also specialized to be able to apply physiotherapy and traumatology treatments in injuries derived from traffic accidents. We will offer you quality and close attention, and we will provide you with all the information you require about the process that we will initiate together. At all times you will be accompanied by a professional who will guide you and help you maintain proper habits so that recovery is complete and avoid, as far as possible, all the consequences that may arise. At all times we are at your disposal to assist you in whatever you need. Do not hesitate and call us.


If you have any kind of doubt, want to receive more information about the services we offer or want to discuss any question, do not hesitate to fill out the following form. We will be happy to attend to all your requests and give you an answer as quickly as possible. We are here to help you.

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